1. Cpanel webhosting Services, where SMEs can host their websites, emails, and other webservices from the company’s Cpanel domain.
2. MBI server hosting offers the opportunity for enterprises to host physical servers and associated infrastructures on-premise, making provision for space, power, security, and internet facilities for subscribers at affordable cost, irrespective of the size of resources they build and own at the premise. Enterprises can host their server by following these simple steps:

1. Send a service request to, stating server size, type, power rating, and weight
2. A sales executive will engage the customer to understand further, the resources available on the server, for the provisioning of the internet facility
3. As soon as this information is shared, a quote will be shared with the customer, and then a following invoice.
3. Movie entertainment for lovers of movies.We will provide nonstop connectivity for subscribers to enjoying African movies, and other contents through Aforevo wireless service offer, suitable for residentials, estates, hotels and shopping malls.