1. Cpanel webhosting Services, where SMEs can host their websites, emails, and other webservices from the company’s Cpanel domain.
2. Google drive storage for safe keeping digital documents and other valuable data on the cloud irrespective of its size, without the fear of masking out space. We provide un metered google drive storage for our subscribers at no cost.
Document oriented businesses such as schools, law firms, architectural firms, engineering firms and other professional organizations who have large volume of documents and data and are looking to store them on the cloud at no additional cost, and for ease of working with those documents on the go, can now subscribe for our internet and have all these additional features to grow and improve their operations.
3. Movie entertainment for lovers of movies.We will provide nonstop connectivity for subscribers to enjoying African movies, and other contents through Aforevo wireless service offer, suitable for residentials, estates, hotels and shopping malls.